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Sewing Pretty

Sewing on layouts is something I have always admired and loved the look and feel of.  I adore the texture and dimention it gives to my pages.  Truth be told, I never really used it because I was quite lazy. It just never happened.   I've had one for years though.  Sewing clothes (not really like on PR! Ha!) and Halloween costumes.  Just never pulled it out until recently to use with scrapbooking.  I guess the key thing for me, is just basically keep threaded with white thread, near my workspace, plugged in and I'll use it!  
For this layout I simply freehand cut strips of roughly 2" inch paper.  Fed them through the sewing machine and made a sort of paper strip garland.  Then I sewed it on the layout itself. 

I also used some crepe paper and gathered it as I was sewing to create a ruffled effect.  Layered two pieces and simply used my ATC gun to adhere it to the paper.

I absolutely love this look!  The color combination is lovely as well. I also used a vintage piece of paper…

Padilla's Movie Weekend

Hope you all had a fun Memorial Day weekend!  I had 4 days off in a row.  That was A-Maze.  I appreciated and loved every minute away from work.  I was close to having a Calgon moment on days leading to my mini vacay, so it was well needed and deserved. 
We took the littles and my Mom to see EPIC this weekend.  It was really nice, colors and imagery was amazing.  it was funny and adventurous with  battle scenes for the boys and fairy/princess vibe for the girls.  We also went to see Hangover 3.  It wasn’t as great as the first installment that introduced us to the Wolf Pack but it was entertaining.  If you plan to watch it, make sure you stick around until about halfway through the credits.  They have an ending that is quite hilar.  Let’s just say the poor Dentist has another um, mishap.  I also wanted to go see The Fast and The Furious part 48, I know it’s 6 but it seems like more, ha!  We didn’t get that last movie in and plus watching 3 movies on the weekend is a bit much!  
I bring …

Already Wednesday?

Seriously. Where does the time go?  We are already halfway through the month and it's almost June.  It's almost time for slip and slides, water guns and pulling out the pool!  Lots of summer fun to be had!  I cannot wait to take the kids to the Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk!  
The school year has almost come to an end and the kids are so ready for summer!!  I'm hoping to pack as Much summer fun as I can this year.   I work basically every other weekend so I really need to make sure that I'm scheduling out everything so we can have fun all summer long.  What do you plan to do for your summer?
Over at ScrapJacked,  it's time to reveal who we have chosen to Jack this month.  We've been a fan of this girl for long time now and have chosen her in the past and we're at it again!  Stephanie Howell is our featured artist this month!

A few close ups 
Lovely layers and lots of Maggie Holmes collection with Crate Paper along with Dear Lizzy's lucky Charm goodies.  Ho…

Motherhood: 9 year veteran

This is something I posted on ig this weekend:Motherhood is hard.  Honestly, it’s rough at times.  It’s not all perfect days, frolicking in a garden.  There is vomit to clean and kids crapped to their waists.  I make mistakes.  Sometimes I question my sanity.  I wonder how I’m going to get through a simple errand at Target without someone having a major meltdown or how I can clean spilled juice (after I just said please be careful not to spill) for the millionth time at the dinner table.  I’ve heard that I am a mean Mom many times.  Overall I think I am doing the best I can.  I have to remember how it all began, the days I saw their beautiful faces for the first time.  Those moments of joy and laughter, the “I love you Mommy” moments that melt my heart.  My Three Children are my greatest achievements and creations in my life.  Being their Mother has been a journey in my life that I will never ever regret.  I realize that I am blessed and I am loved by my children.  They are my world a…

Happy Monday Dolls!

So how was your NSD? I was at work most of the day and loving all the goodies I was seeing online. I couldn’t wait to get home and pull out all of my supplies and create something! I recently won a prize pack from Heidi Swapp during her launch at Michael’s. You can imagine my surprise when a follower on IG let me know that she had mentioned my name during her webcast. I had hashtaged a picture of her sold out line on IG and she chose me as a winner! She gave a super generous box of goodies that I have been steadily using in my projects. The goodie box included a bottle of Color Shine in Bronzer. It has the most luxurious metallic shimmer. So luxe! On paper, it totally looks like gold leaf. It is too too gorg. I have been collecting the Color Shine Mists and so far I have Mint Green, Sweet Cherry, Georgia Peach, Primrose, Mustard, Tropicana Teal, Tinsel and Bronzer. I really really want the Gold Lame. Luckily, all of Heidi’s product at Michael’s is 25% off this week!! D…

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

Hello Blog land! It's been a while. As you can tell, I took a bit of a hiatus from Scrapbooking. I realized that I needed it back in my life. I have re-found my design style which is all about mixing patterns, focusing on titles and photos and layering it all up. Gold is also a new favorite, gold everything! So yeah, I missed it and I'm back at it. Scrapbooking is amazing, through it, I have found lifelong friends and discover new people that share this passion everyday. Scrapbooking helps me wind down, relax and creating heals my soul. It literally makes me happy. I need more happy in my life and this is it.

Today is NSD! How fun is that we have a holiday for scrapbooking!? Too bad it’s not a paid day off! Unfortch, for me, luck would have it that I work today. I really would have loved to spend the day with scrappy friends and make pretty things.

Over on Instagram, (ya know, my second home) I’ve been chatting with my crafty girls and we are all need a crafty g…