Thursday, May 30, 2013

Padilla's Movie Weekend

Hope you all had a fun Memorial Day weekend!  I had 4 days off in a row.  That was A-Maze.  I appreciated and loved every minute away from work.  I was close to having a Calgon moment on days leading to my mini vacay, so it was well needed and deserved. 


We took the littles and my Mom to see EPIC this weekend.  It was really nice, colors and imagery was amazing.  it was funny and adventurous with  battle scenes for the boys and fairy/princess vibe for the girls.  We also went to see Hangover 3.  It wasn’t as great as the first installment that introduced us to the Wolf Pack but it was entertaining.  If you plan to watch it, make sure you stick around until about halfway through the credits.  They have an ending that is quite hilar.  Let’s just say the poor Dentist has another um, mishap.  I also wanted to go see The Fast and The Furious part 48, I know it’s 6 but it seems like more, ha!  We didn’t get that last movie in and plus watching 3 movies on the weekend is a bit much!  

I bring my own snacks! I knows you do too! Ha!
Babies at the movies is not the best idea but ya gotta do what you gotta do!

So i mentioned on my last post that i was anxiously awaiting scrapbook related news.  Unfortch, nothing came of it.  So on to the next!  It was actually for a DT position.  I would love to do the whole DT gig again, so if you know of any or are looking for a guest, look no further!   

Speaking of scrappy news, my good friend and fellow Scrapjacked member, Marie Ramirez is now on the Glitz Design Team!  How amazing is that?  She produces some fantastic pages and they are so very lucky to have her!  Yay Marie!  She is gonna rock that DT gig!  Looking forward to seeing her projects using their beautiful product. 



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