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Hi Friends! Can I start by saying that it's been a while since my last blog post? After a long vacation away, this little blog is going to have a comeback. Yay! A new look? Yes. A new topic. Yes and no. Still crafty? Yes. Long gone are my days eating and breathing everything scrapbook related and talking about silly sparkly vampires but my love of creating is still there. That never and will never ever go away. I still love the idea of scrapbooking and creating art. Putting ideas and memories on paper with pictures. Creating keepsakes and using paint, embellishments and stickers to make masterpieces. It will always be a part of me that love. I met alot of really great people throughout those scrapbooking years and still communicate with them daily. But Honestly, truly, I just don't put the time in to it that is required to do it and to do it well. My poor 4 year old might never have the scrapbook his big brother did or a published scrapbook page about him in a magazine like his sister did. My only saving grace is my Instagram account full of great memories to look back on, because you know I still don't print all my photos. Some things never change. I think I'll revisit it from time to time though. My daughter Aubrielle really wants to start scrapbooking and I plan on having some crafty nights with her soon.

The move for my blogging in the future will lean more towards lifestyle, fashion and home decor. The content on my Instagram is very similar right now. I share pretty things I enjoy, fashion, makeup, fun ways to display home and holiday decor, home decor buys from my favorite places like HomeGoods and Target, playing along with other Instragrammer's fun decor hashtags, great food and local places to visit, decorating and planning parties for 3 kids. It might even have a feature where I show you how I'll make a house into a home. I'd take you along on the journey...through DIY's, shop with me's and decor ideas. It will be fun. Join me, yeah?

If anyone that read my blog before or maybe might be visiting for the first time, I welcome you to Sincerely, Christina XOXO.

New Blog Posts Coming Soon- open to collaborations as well.

Check back and watch out for announcements on my Instagram!


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Making Cards.......UPDATE

Pictures Removed: All four cards were picked up by Cards Magazine! Check them out in the April 2007 Issue! :)

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Can you guys seriously believe that is almost December???? This year has flown by. Wow. I'm already in the Christmas spirit. I put in a Xmas CD and decorated my tree and added a lighted swag with ornaments on my Hutch in the living room and put my wreath on my door.

Looking forward to our annual Christmas Light Parade down Main street tommorrow. It's going to be chilly out. Well, chilly for us is anything under 50 degrees. We are all bundled up in hats, scarves and heavy jackets, but still wearing flip flops. HA! That's Californians for ya!

I'm outie.


I guess I'm it for the moment..........tagged by Angela Green and Ramona Greenspan!

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